Routers nowadays have far superior WiFi range than the routers of yesteryear, but not all of the people have bought them yet. They still use the old routers that, although are good, are not powerful enough to transmit WiFi signals throughout the home and office.

To fix this problem, a WiFi range extender is needed. Fortunately, there are a lot of WiFi Range extenders out there that sport a wall-plug design, which means that it doesn’t take up much space. This is very convenient because then, it won’t add clunkiness to an already crowded room.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Glam Hobby WA163 WiFi Range Extender. Here are the features of this WiFi Range Extender:

  • Extends the range of your existing wireless network, helps eliminate wireless dead spots
  • One-touch wireless connection using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button
  • Advanced wireless encryption protects your data, supports up to WPA2-PSK wireless encryption
  • Easy install – no CD required
  • 1-year limited warranty

The Glam Hobby WA163 WiFi Range Extender has two external antennas, which is very common among WiFi Range Extenders. It has been proven that routers that have additional external antennas have better WiFi range compared to the ones that don’t have external antennas.

The manufacturer of the WA163 assures you that by using this WiFi Range Extender, you will not have any more deadspots in your home or office. Deadspots are zones in your house where barely any Wifi Signal can reach you.

Since we live in an age where we have smartphones and tablets, the need for the internet has never been higher. That is why, it is imperative that you use a WiFi range extender such as the WA163.

Another cool thing about Glam Hobby WA163 WiFi Range Extender is that it requires no CD installation. In fact, you can set this router up in just a matter of minutes! When you buy the WA163, you will be given a default SSID username and password. Make sure that you change this as soon as possible.

The WA163 only has one Ethernet port, and this WiFi range extender uses the Wireless N technology. It is okay because as mentioned earlier, not all people have the latest routers yet.

The simplicity of this router is also expounded with the inclusion of a Wireless Protected Setup button for just one button set ups.

The Glam Hobby WA163 is a perfect, no-frills solution to extending your WiFi Range. Let’s look at some customer reviews and see how they rated the Glam Hobby WA163:

Stacey: “I just love this WA163 wifi extender. It barely takes up any space, it has a WPS button for easy setups, and I didn’t really have to change anything other than the SSID. It works right off the bat, working in tandem with my Linksys router. This is a very inexpensive and effective solution to extending your WiFi range and I highly recommend it.”

Pepper: “We live in a house with thick concrete walls. My son, who happens to work in an IT firm, said that because of the walls, WiFi cannot reach the entire house. Upon browsing the internet for WiFi extenders, I found this gem called the WA163. My son plugged it in and changed the SSID, and all was well and good! I can’t believe how powerful this little thing is as I can go anywhere and still enjoy WiFi in my house!”

The Glam Hobby WA163 WiFi Range Extender is a very good WiFi extender and it is also inexpensive as well. This WiFi extender only costs $20.