Gaming companies have to do something, even doing some drastic measures, to ensure the longevity and the fun factor of their games.

But, a recent update to a certain popular game made people really unhappy. That game is none other than the popular mobile phone gaming app today, Pokemon Go.

Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokemon Go app was just recently updated and it brought with it some unwelcome changes that really made people angry.

Probably the biggest change was the removal of the Pokemon tracker. You see, the gaming company received a lot of reports that the Pokemon tracker tool was displaying inconsistent Pokemon tracking results.

Instead of fixing the problem, Niantic just removed the feature altogether without saying that they will fix it or without giving the assurance of when the feature will be implemented back in.

I know that the developers are going to fix it but they need to issue a clear statement of the fact, otherwise, people will be really mad.

In addition, Niantic has issued a cease and desist order prompting some popular Pokemon tracking websites to shut down.

One such popular site is the “Pokevision” where it uses Google maps and the game’s algorithm to accurately pinpoint the exact location of a particular Pokemon in your area.

What made people really angry about the update and Niantic’s vision is that they completely removed the game’s tracking tool and the only alternative to it were completely shut down as well.

This leaves people with no clue on how to catch Pokemon since, well, they do not have the means to track Pokemon.

I am not saying that you cannot catch Pokemon anymore but you will have to do so blindly (like actually going out there and hope that you will find one in your area).

Due to this recent move, the player base has been declining steadily. In fact, some people even wanted a refund just a few hours after the horrific update.

Unbeknownst to many, a lot of people have actually donated to the game by using the microtransactions feature.

Some have, in fact, put a lot of money to the game by buying Pokeballs and a lot of incense. But, these angry players really want their money back.

Some users from a Reddit post said that they have been successful with their refund request and so other people did the same as well.

I know that Niantic wants to improve the game but for them to completely remove the tracking tool and by completely eliminating third-party tracking websites, I think it is just a stupid move in my opinion.

To be fair, there are some good changes that come with the update. There are plenty of bug fixes, especially with regards to memory management.

And with this update, you can also customize your trainer’s appearance at any time by visiting your profile screen.

All of the under the hood changes are appreciated but it is completely overshadowed by the removal of the Pokemon tracking tool.

If Niantic and Nintendo want this game to flourish, they have to rectify their faults and they have to do it asap.